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Changes in Collaboration

During the COVID-19 pandemic, life and communication as we knew it changed. As Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella put it, “we’ve seen two years of digital transformation in 2 months.” Now after everyone has used video conferencing in their personal and professional lives, people will want to take these innovations with them when going back to the office. They want the combination of working from home and working from the office to be the new normal.


So what will meetings look like in the office? Barco’s research shows that people will want to use the same platforms they have been using all year. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) will turn into Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM) as attendees bring their laptops and want to use their preferred conferencing platform.


Barco’s ClickShare Conference is primed to meet this BYOM trend and give users the quality of the conference room with the familiarity of their own technology. Here are four main ways Barco ClickShare can make this transition back to the meeting room seamless.


Barco ClickShare CX


1. Integrates with It All!

If employees have been using Zoom on their Mac or Teams on their PC for a year, they are going to prefer to have the same experience back in the office. The ClickShare button is triple agnostic, meaning that it will work with any kind of laptop or computer and any conferencing platform. This way the meeting host can manage and start the meeting right from their laptop, with just a push of the button.


On top of that, ClickShare connects with any USB peripherals in the conference room, so that the room’s mics, speakers, and camera can all be utilized in your meeting.


2. Utilizes High Quality Audio and Video

One of the most frustrating issues with remote video conferencing is when your audio isn’t working well or your laptop’s camera is out of focus. By connecting with the conference room’s technology, you can provide the meeting attendees with a higher quality experience, whether in-person or at home. With high-end speakers, mics, and cameras you can create a meeting environment where the virtual attendees can almost feel like they are in the room. 


ClickShare Conference also integrates with your company’s network with maximum security, providing a stronger connection for the meeting attendees and a more reliable experience.


3. Works with All Room Sizes

Even though ClickShare Conference is easy and flexible, there are different sized packages that offer the right bandwidth and feature set for various meeting rooms, from huddle rooms up to boardrooms. No matter the room size, ClickShare Conference connects quickly and allows you to share your device’s screen and conferencing.


Going back to the office for many will include conference rooms that haven’t been in use for a while. Whether your organization is adding a lot of smaller meeting spaces or trying to change how you use large conference rooms, you can utilize the BYOM concept.


4. Reduces Cost While Increasing Flexibility

One of the main cost benefits to incorporating ClickShare Conference in your rooms is it eliminates the need for the physical codec in your conference rooms. This removes the payment, license, and maintenance of the codec.


Now all of your rooms can be used for any purpose and any kind of conference. Employees, customers, and vendors can come in and handle the meeting the way they want, without being constrained by the room’s boundaries. This can increase the collaboration of your organization, especially as it bridges the gap between the methods people were used to at home and this transition back into the workplace.


Rely on an Expert

Even with a device that is simple and easy to use like ClickShare, it is best to get your information and products from industry experts. Profound Technologies is a Barco dealer and can be a resource for you with any of their ClickShare products.


Ready for that opportunity to learn from the experts? Watch our webinar from June 23rd where Account Executive Dan Shadow and Barco Reps Mike Morbeto and Greg Geiser discuss ClickShare’s impact on collaboration, in the past, present, and future. Watch the recording here!