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Moving to Monthly Payments

During this age of subscriptions and as-a-service sales, the AV industry is quickly following suit. AV as a Service means that customers can pay for their equipment and projects through monthly payments over a set contract. Instead of buying the technology outright and owning depreciating equipment, companies can pay monthly and utilize high-end technology in their space throughout their term. By including a support plan and allowing for flexible upgrades, AV as a Service provides the most value in a budget-friendly way.

5 Benefits to AV as a Service

Paying for AV projects on a monthly basis is a new concept for many companies, which normally leads to questions. Here are some of the answers to your concerns and reasons for considering AV as a Service in your financial planning.


1. Have a Better Eye on Your Budget and Cash Flow

When you pay for high-tech equipment upfront, your technology slowly depreciates. Oftentimes you end up with old equipment that lost its value and a need for expensive upgrades a few years down the road. A monthly payment plan allows for you to preserve your cash, protect business lines of credit, and budget your cash flow. Especially when it comes to small businesses, company owners have more protection and flexibility as the company grows.


2. Get Your Support Package Thrown In 

With new equipment comes the need for a reliable support plan to maintain and service your system. AV as a Service has a built-in support plan so that your monthly payment covers it all, from the equipment to the installation to the service plan. Managed Services Plans provide value to your business through 24/7 ticket support, emergency site visits, and preventative maintenance. For more information about Profound Technologies’ Managed Services Packages, take a look at the benefits here.


3. Upgrade Your Technology at Any Time

Normally in an equipment lease, upgrades are challenging and expensive. AV as a Services allows for technology upgrades at any time in your term, without the restrictions and hidden costs. Your new equipment will fall under the same terms as your current agreement, with any additional costs covered by your AV as a Service contract and paid for by our financial partner TAMCO. This allows you to consistently have the best technology without draining the budget. 


4. Choose the Best Solution for End of Terms

When your contract comes to an end, you have several different options for next steps. You can renew the same agreement, return all of your equipment, purchase the technology at current value, or start a new contract for whatever solution best fits your needs at the time. This way you can feel more in control rather than confined by your contract. 


5. Enjoy More Freedoms Than a Lease Can Offer

AV as a Service is very different from a traditional lease, from the benefits to the flexibility. Leases do not typically include replacement guarantees and managed services, nor do they protect you from technology failures. They also charge you an arm and a leg for any upgrades within your contract. AV as a Service acts as your insurance, protecting your technology and covering upgrades without additional costs to you. 


Analyzing Your Financial Options

AV as a Service may be the perfect solution for your technical and financial needs, or maybe a different payment method is preferred. The best way to find out what is a good fit for your company is to set up next steps with Profound Technologies for a free consultation. Through our discussion, we can figure out if AV as a Service through our financial partner TAMCO is the right solution for your situation. From there, we will get you approved for financing and move you along the process to get a custom contract established for your technology needs. To read more details or contact us, visit our AV as a Service page. We are ready to get started!