What happens when technology fails?

We have all been inconvenienced by a TV that won’t turn on, audio that won’t come through clearly, a meeting that won’t connect, and a screen share that won’t, well, screen share. The devices and equipment you use in every facet of life will fail at some point. No one can promise 100% reliability when it comes to technology. The question to consider with your AV equipment isn’t “How do I keep my technology from failing?” but “What do I do when my technology fails?”

The best way to help prevent and fix technology issues with your AV system is to have a managed services plan and a quality support team to keep up with maintenance. Here are four ways a managed services plan can help you stay on top of caring for your AV system.


1. Help Prevent the Inevitable 

The best way to take care of your system is for it to have an annual checkup! A quality managed services plan will provide you with a preventative maintenance visit each year. During this onsite visit, the support team will run a diagnostic test to check your system’s health and confirm what equipment needs to be updated. By allowing your technology to be given a thorough checkup on a regular basis, you will be able to reduce the amount of issues and maintain a system with top of the line and up to date technology. This will also provide you with a consistent support team who knows your system and its history well. Managed services increases the system performance and results in higher levels of room usage, leading to Return on Investment for your organization. Never underestimate the importance of peace of mind when it comes to your AV system’s health.


2. Decrease Your Downtime

Not only is it frustrating when your technology is down, but at times it can be detrimental for your business. With a managed services plan, you should have immediate access to a support team to help you troubleshoot and fix your issues in a reasonable time. From live support, ticket submission, and fast response time, you can reach a support team you trust to fix the issues before they become large problems. With central monitoring, some support teams will be able to see and resolve some technical issues before they are evident to the user! Get that system up and running again!


3. Put Out Fires Onsite

Sometimes issues can’t be fixed over the phone. If you are facing a technical emergency and need a technician onsite ASAP, you will want a managed services plan that provides you with access to emergency onsite support. Top managed services customers are valued and prioritized by the service team and can be offered support as early as the next business day. When you take into account the support is offered by the same technicians who check your system annually and who maybe even installed the technology to begin with, you know you are in good hands.


4. Utilize Certified Experts

When things go wrong with your AV system, make sure the people who come to your rescue know their stuff! An AV managed services plan’s service team should be experts in the field, from the knowledge found in certifications to the intuition found in hands-on experience. Here are some certifications your support team should have in their back pocket:

  • Crestron and Extron Digital Media Certification
  • Crestron and Extron Programming
  • Zoom and Microsoft Teams Partners
  • Poly
  • Cisco ATP
  • Biamp, BSS, and ClearOne DSP

The technicians that answer the phone, arrive for an emergency visit, and check on your system regularly need to be fully capable to recognize and resolve your technology’s issues. 


On Call. On Alert. On Guard.

If you do not have a managed services partner for your AV system, or are unhappy with the results from your current setup, choose a plan and support team you can trust. Profound Technologies’ managed services plan provides all four of the solutions above to care for and protect your AV technology. For more details on our managed services packages give us a call at 877-983-2477 and we will get you set up for the reliable support your system deserves!