The Ideal Audio Visual Partner

Collaboration between industries has expanded the realm of partnerships and selling through the channel. Companies can come together to merge solutions and provide the best value for their customers. What kind of AV Partner is needed to enhance the business offerings of companies from a variety of industries?

Typically, an AV Integration Company stands out as a partner when they offer niche technology solutions that your business doesn’t. Popular partnerships occur between IT and AV companies because they service similar clientele, yet the AV firm has experience in high-quality equipment integration and certification in control and video conferencing systems. Telecom and consulting agencies may require a partner as someone to recommend to their searching customers. Other industries like workplace design and architecture could use an AV partner to help finish their customer’s office construction projects with the right collaboration room setup. 


A trusted audio visual partner will prove to your organization that they are capable of taking care of your customers by providing reliable and simple to use technology products and service within your customers’ timeline and budget.


What's in It for Me?

How do you know if an AV Partner makes sense for your specific organization? What are the benefits to you? Take a look at these five reasons why an audio visual partner can bring value to your customers and your business.

1. Add to Your Business Offerings

With an AV Partner, you can now access technology solutions that were previously outside your wheelhouse. From meeting room systems to video walls to even home automation, you can add equipment and services to your value proposition through your partner. These additional services have helped IT companies and others win more projects and expand their list of solutions for their customers.


2. Differentiate from Your Competitors 

Not every company in your industry can offer collaboration solutions, yet it is one of the fastest growing technology growth trends. Offer meeting room integration with top video conferencing platforms like Zoom and Teams, and close deals with your additional services that your competitors cannot.


3. Benefit from Project Commissions

When you bring in a project to your AV Partner, they will want to thank you and keep you included in the project’s wins. Commissions and processes may vary by AV integrator, but discuss with your partner what percentage of the job goes to you and/or your company. AV Partnerships are there to provide financial growth to your organization alongside collaboration solutions.


4. Networking and Referrals 

Partnerships are not just about the shared wins, even if that aspect alone is favorable. A trusted AV partner should also include professional relationships that are appreciated and enjoyable as you conduct business. Grow your network of like-minded business partners and contacts through events, connections, and referrals from your AV partner. You never know who might become a new customer or valuable introduction from your partner’s book of business.


5. Tips and Training in the AV Industry 

If you are ready and excited to sell new AV solutions to your customers through a partner, you prefer not to be left in the dark. An involved AV partner will provide resources and industry knowledge to empower you to sell their services. From marketing materials to webinars to newsletters to sales demonstrations, you can receive the product information and training needed to recommend these collaboration solutions to your customers. 


Profound Technologies' Agent Partnership Program 

At Profound Technologies, we have an established and successful Agent Partnership Program with IT companies and other industries who are interested in the benefits of an AV Partner. Together, we provide meeting room solutions, Zoom and Teams expertise, and managed services to our shared customers. Profound can be involved in the project from design and programming to engineering and project management and to installation and support. Around 40% of our new customers come in through Agent Partners each year. 


Other benefits we offer through our Agent Partnership Program are…

  • Partner commission on closed projects
  • Promotions, deals, and incentives for bringing in opportunities and referrals
  • Monthly newsletter to keep you updated on Profound and the industry
  • New connection to other professionals in your sphere of business
  • Priority response to needs and opportunities
  • Exclusive access to inside scoops of our products and services
  • A reliable Account Executive as your point of contact for training and projects
If you think you might be a good fit for our Agent Partnership Program and could benefit from working with us on your projects, please give us a call at 877-842-9762, and we will be happy to set up an introductory call for you and our team. AdobeStock_101624016