What are the Steps to Becoming a Profound Customer?

When starting a working relationship and project with an AV integrator like Profound Technologies, it is helpful to have an understanding of the process. In our organization, clients work closely with many people on our team, including sales reps, project managers, purchasing, accounting, and technicians. Here is a high-level breakdown of each step for our customers at Profound Technologies. 


Step 1: Discovery Stage

During the discovery stage, a dedicated sales account representative will listen to the customer’s technology frustrations, gain more understanding of their needs, and walk through our capabilities and services. Based on our discovery conversation, we will start formulating a custom solution to fit the customer’s specific situation and build a professional relationship along the way to make the process as smooth as possible.

Step 2: Quoting the Opportunity

As the opportunity becomes reality, we will begin moving forward with the quoting process. A prelim proposal will ensure that we are in the right ballpark with your budget and that we are including the appropriate solutions in the proposed project. Sales will then work on a quoted proposal for the project supported by our engineering team to ensure we present a realistic solution that fits the meeting space and the customer’s needs. After the customer reviews and accepts the offer, we will move forward with the project.

Step 3: Project Kick-off and Preparation

At this stage, we start working together with the customer on the project. The customer will be introduced to a project manager, engineer, and purchasing manager. The Profound team gains an understanding of what we need to get the project scheduled, the proper materials/equipment ordered, and the room(s) designed and engineered. Each member of the Profound team works in tandem to ensure a successful project and a great experience for the customer.


Step 4: Accounting 

Next, we will connect the customer with the accounting department, which will set up payments for the project. The first invoice is sent when the project is scheduled, and the final invoice is sent after the project is closed out.

Step 5: InstallationEC-1-Zoom

It wouldn’t be a successful project without our installation team! This stage of the process is where our technicians come onsite and implement the solution. Our technical team is professional and respectful and will complete the project within the timeframe scheduled. After the technology is installed, Profound team members train some of the customer’s end users so that they are equipped to use the room’s system properly.


Step 6: Close-out Meeting 

Finally, we will schedule a close-out meeting to review the order and discuss the system selected. We will review the official pricing and timeline for the project and send out a final payment receipt to tie up any loose ends.


Step 7: Managed Services 

After the project is complete, customers with our managed services plan have access to our support team for preventative and emergency maintenance of their room systems. We offer our managed services customers live phone support, 24/7 ticket submissions, same-day issue response, and an annual maintenance visit. We encourage our customers to consider our service packages so that we can support the system we installed moving forward.

Getting StartedHandshake between a businesswoman and a co-worker when a meeting is ending

Our hope is that this step-by-step guide of working with Profound Technologies gives you a picture of what it’s like to be our customer before, during, and after a project. Our top priority is to provide our customers with the best AV system for their situation while ensuring a happy customer experience, each step of the way. To learn more about Profound Technologies services and to get started, give us a call at 484-502-0359. We look forward to helping you! 








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