Conversations Unveiled: Logitech in Discussion with Profound Technologies 




Trends in Hybrid Meeting Room - Evolving Office Dynamics


Remote Participation Demand

  • The transition to hybrid work models highlights the need for effective remote participation.
  • Employees worldwide seek a voice and active involvement in conversations despite being geographically distant.

Introduction of Logitech Sight; A Multifaceted Solution

  • Logitech introduces an innovative solution – Logitech Sight, a cutting-edge multi-camera system designed to revolutionize meeting room interactions.
  • Enhanced Perspective: Logitech Sight offers a panoramic 315-degree field of view, granting a comprehensive look at meeting spaces.
  • Precision Speaker Tracking: This advanced system employs speaker tracking technology, ensuring seamless focus on the person speaking, regardless of their location in the room.

Incorporating Remote Workers and Bridging the Gap

  • Logitech Sight plays a pivotal role in making remote workers feel present and valued.
  • By providing an immersive view of the room and employing dynamic speaker tracking, remote participants can actively contribute and stay engaged.
  • This integration fosters a sense of being "in the room" and contributes to a more inclusive meeting environment.

Value of Inclusion

  • The integration of Logitech Sight extends beyond technical prowess; it is an embodiment of inclusivity.
  • Remote workers are no longer passive observers but valued contributors, instilling a sense of worth and belonging.
  • The technology not only advances meeting capabilities but enhances the overall workplace culture by ensuring every voice is heard.

Empowering Remote Engagement

  • The primary objective of Logitech Sight is to empower remote workers to actively participate in meetings.
  • By eradicating the physical barriers between in-room and remote participants, Logitech Sight enables seamless interaction, idea sharing, and collaboration.

Redefining Meeting Room Dynamics

  • Logitech Sight represents a significant leap in meeting room functionality.
  • The traditional limitations of remote involvement are challenged, paving the way for a new era of hybrid collaboration.
  • The technology marks a substantial advancement in how meetings are conducted, emphasizing accessibility and engagement.


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The emergence of Logitech Sight in the hybrid meeting landscape addresses the pressing need for inclusive remote participation. It transcends conventional boundaries, ensuring that remote workers are not just present but fully engaged contributors, reshaping the dynamics of the modern meeting room.




Logitech Presentation 

Logitech continues to push the boundaries of technology with its latest innovations. Ohilda Holguin, Channel Account Manager with Logitech, worked with remote team members to host the Logitech presentations, showcasing solutions such as the Rally Bar series, Scribe, and the coveted new Sight. 


A Breakdown of Products


  • Logitech Rally Bar and Rally Plus are advanced video conferencing solutions designed by Logitech. These devices offer a comprehensive set of features to enhance the video meeting experience. One notable feature is the advanced camera tracking, which uses AI and machine learning to automatically frame and track participants in the room. This ensures that the camera focuses on the active speaker, providing a more engaging and dynamic visual experience during video conferences.

  • Logitech Scribe is a digital whiteboarding solution that enables seamless collaboration and note-taking during meetings. With Scribe, users can write, draw, and annotate content on a physical whiteboard while it is simultaneously captured digitally. This allows remote participants to view and interact with the content in real time, fostering more effective communication and collaboration across teams.

  • Logitech Sight is a tabletop camera that offers intelligent, multi-participant framing. The camera captures a front view of the active speaker, even if they are not facing the front of the conference room. Sight picks up sound to determine the active speakers, showing their frames in a horizontal line. Now the remote attendees feel like they have a seat at the table and can see each person in the meeting as if sitting right across from them. 
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    These Logitech products, including the Rally Bar, Rally Plus, Scribe, and Sight, are designed to deliver reliable and immersive collaboration experiences, whether in small meeting rooms, large conference spaces, or remote work settings.




Logitech and Profound Technologies Partnership



Logitech's Customer-Centric Partnership Insights


Logitech's Customer-Centric Approach

  • Logitech's extensive experience with customers adds substantial value to our collaboration with Profound Technologies.
  • Customers' insights, preferences, and needs enrich the partnership, driving innovation and tailored solutions.

Mutual Trust Evidenced by Ohilda

  • Ohilda, a representative from Logitech, exemplifies the trust that Logitech places in Profound Technologies as their chosen partner.
  • This trust serves as a foundation for a collaborative relationship built on shared goals and expertise.

Excitement Surrounding Collaborative Ventures

  • Customers within the Logitech network have exhibited genuine enthusiasm about engaging with Profound Technologies.
  • The partnership opens doors to dynamic solutions and possibilities that resonate with Logitech's customer base.

Profound's In-Depth Logitech Knowledge

  • Profound Technologies has demonstrated an exceptional understanding of Logitech's diverse range of products and services.
  • The team is well-trained and knowledgeable, providing a seamless experience for both Logitech and its customers.

Joint Exploration of Future Endeavors

  • Collaborative initiatives have resulted in different tiers of Logitech actively participating in meetings and discussions alongside Profound Technologies.
  • These interactions serve as a proactive effort to gain insights into forthcoming innovations and developments.

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In essence, the partnership between Logitech and Profound Technologies thrives on Logitech's customer-centric approach, mutual trust, shared excitement, profound product knowledge, and forward-thinking explorations. The relationship exemplifies a fruitful collaboration built on expertise and a joint commitment to shaping the future of technology solutions.






Closing Remarks by Ohilda Holguin

"Strong partnerships hold immense value. Operating primarily in a virtual realm, collaboration is essential. Having a reliable partner in the northeast region is truly invaluable. While we offer services, Profound Technologies goes beyond, delivering a complete experience with inclusive events and annual customer engagements from around the world. We extend a warm invitation to visit us!"



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